We are in the middle of a crisis that we never thought would happen in our lifetime.

The motorsport and automotive industries were switched off overnight, causing many businesses to shut down, and employees to lose their jobs.

Australia has some of the best engineers, mechanics, fabricators, logistics experts, and manufacturing facilities in the world.

Very soon the Australian health system will be inundated with people requiring critical care due to COVID-19.

And we have the ability to help save lives.

If needed, we want our industry to step up, and provide their support and expertise, to help with whatever our government or health system may require.

Right now, in the UK and Europe, Formula 1 teams have already stepped in to help support the manufacture of critical care equipment.

We all need to work together to help win the race against COVID-19.

Please let us know what you can help with, by clicking the “Register to Help” link and completing the form.

Thank you,

Renato Loberto (Founder, Race Against COVID-19)

27th March 2020